Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains information about site-wide St. Jude Cloud frequently asked questions. For more detailed information, we highly recommend that you also visit the dedicated frequently asked questions page for the application you are using.

General Questions

Where can I find the Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy?

You can find the Terms of Service here and the Privacy Policy here. They are updated regularly, so as we note out in the text there, please check back regularly!

How can I sign up for updates?

To receive updates on St. Jude Cloud, such as new data releases and new applications released, please subscribe to our email list.

Billing Questions

Will I be charged for using St. Jude Cloud?

Please see the following questions in each application's dedicated frequently asked questions page.

Publication Questions

How do I cite St. Jude Cloud?

The manuscript for St. Jude Cloud is currently in preparation. In the meantime, please refer to the citation guide.

When can I publish my findings using St. Jude Cloud data?

  • Within St. Jude Cloud Genomics Platform, all of the samples are marked with an embargo date. Once the embargo date has passed for all of the data sets you've used in your research, you are permitted to publish results based on that data. You can find this by looking at the tags for each file or in the SAMPLE_INFO.txt file that is included with each data request. To learn more, please visit the dedicated section in our guide.
  • Any data in St. Jude Cloud Visualization Community or St. Jude Cloud PeCan is considered published.
  • For any data not covered here, or if you have any questions, please contact us.