Filling Out The Extension Addendum

The St. Jude Cloud Data Access Agreement (DAA) is only valid for one year after the date it was approved. When your DAA is about to expire, you will get an automated email from with the name of the DAA that is expiring and a link to the St. Jude Cloud Extension Addendum.

In order to extend your DAA, you must fill out an Extension Addendum. The Extension Addendum will extend the previous agreement for an additional year. Please note that if you do not fill out an Extension Addendum, you will be expected to delete all copies of the data subject to the expiring agreement.

Follow the steps below to ensure that you have accurately filled out all sections of the Extension Addendum.

  1. Page 1

    • In the top section, enter the current date on which that the agreement is being filled out, your current institution, and the date on which you signed the expiring DAA or extension.

    • In the bottom section, enter a date that is one year after the date on which you signed the expiring DAA or extension. This can be found on the page linked from the email notifying you of agreement expiration.

  2. Page 2

    • Check exactly the datasets that you were granted access to by the terms of the original DAA. The datasets checked on the original DAA and any extensions must match. If you would like to apply for access to additional datasets, please make a new data request for the additional dataset(s).

    • The Principal Investigator (PI) or faculty level supervisor on the project must sign and date the extension. The PI who signed the original DAA must match the PI signing any extensions.

    • All additional applicants (excluding the administrative authority and information security officer) that were included in the original DAA must sign and date the extension.

  3. Page 3

    • Enter the name of your current institution. This must match the institution entered on page 1.

    • The Administrative Authority must sign and date the extension. This is usually the same administrative authority as the one on the original DAA.

    • The Information Security Officer must sign and date the extension.

    • The bottom section of page 3 is for St. Jude to sign and date. Do not fill out this section.

  4. Page 4

    • If your research question(s) or contemplated use has changed since the original DAA, use this space to provide your updated project description. You may also use this space to explain why you need to extend your agreement. Finally, if the Administrative Authority or Information Security Officer has changed from the original DAA to this extension, please use this space to explain why.

Once you have finished filling out the Extension Addendum, you may upload the completed form on the extension addendum page linked in the notification of expiration email from

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