Exporting Figures and Data

User can export figure or data for the current view on ProteinPaint. Mouse over the "More" link following the data set handles for a menu, then click "Export SVG" to download an SVG file as the screenshot of current view, like the example below:

The exported figure will contain following contents, many will reflect user's customization:

  • Datasets that are currently displayed, including custom data

  • Expand/fold states of all mutations

  • Sequences in the protein if at zoom-in level

  • Show/hide state of exon boundaries

  • Sunburst charts

  • Protein domains without the hidden ones

  • All mutations without the hidden classes or origins

  • Legend for protein domain, mutation class and origin

Following is another screenshot showing a customized graph, leaving out exon boundaries, three types of domains, and missense mutations:

The exported figure is an SVG file, which can be viewed on a web browser, printed to a PDF file, or edited using a text editor. Note that the exported SVG file can be properly displayed in Adobe Illustrator CS2 but not CS6.

To export SNV/indel data, use either one of the two buttons labeled "html" and "text". This will export the entire sets of mutation data from all figures shown in ProteinPaint, without filtering.