Intragenic deletion

Intragenic deletion

First line must be the header line, with following columns. Separate columns by tab. Order of columns does not matter.

  • gene

    • Gene symbol.
  • isoform

    • RefSeq/Ensembl accession of the isoform.
  • rnaPosition

    • optional.

    • RNA nucleotide position of the 5' end of the deleted region on the gene transcript, relative to transcription start site. 1-based.

  • rnaDellength

    • RNA nucleotide length of the deleted region, required if "rnaPosition" is used.
  • chr

    • Chromosome name, optional
  • chr_start

    • Start genomic position, required if "chr" is used.
  • chr_stop

    • Stop genomic position, required if "chr" is used.

Other optional columns:

  • Patient

  • Sample

  • Sampletype

  • disease

Data lines starting with "#" will be ignored.